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We are incredibly proud of the care we provide and it’s lovely when our residents’ families and friends take the time to tell us. You can see some of those reviews and also some of our awards below.

Reviews From Our Residents’ Families & Friends

Our Awards

Digby Manor GHP Award
digby manor award
digby manor award
care home group awards 2023
care home awards 2023
digby manor award
digby manor award


Since new owners have bought Digby Manor, in my opinion, the standards in this care home are 100% improved on a caring, professional level. This home has a warm atmosphere and I’ve found it to have a clear transparency of plan and care with regards to the well being of its residents. My mother has been a resident here just over 12 months. If it was not for the care and thoughtfulness of the new owners shown to her as an individual, moving her was at the top of my agenda list! My mother is 88 and tells me that under the new ownership she now feels happy, cared for and safe, as she felt none of these before, which caused us as a family great concern. A great weight of worry has been lifted off our minds!
I would have no problems in now recommending this care home to others. This management works with professional bodies and openly with family members, for the best care plan to be put into place.

Thelma N. (Daughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

I have never seen my brother as happy and content as he is at the moment. I am so pleased he is in an environment where he is cared for, respected and encouraged with his hobbies such as painting and drawing. He really is part of a little community here which is brilliant to see.

Lorraine K. (Sister of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

Dad went into the home and he has been shown nothing but love, compassion and genuine care. Not only that, but they cared for us as a family. Mum and Dad had been married for 68 years and the situation for Mum was heart-breaking, but they cared for her as much as Dad, the staff worked tirelessly, always 

with a smile on their faces. In Dad’s final 3 days, Mum and I stayed with him, they brought a bed into his room, During those three days we wanted for nothing, we were fed, watered and loved. The care received was exemplary and left me speechless. At the end, they looked after Dad, bought flowers into his room and gave us as long as we needed to say our goodbyes. If I wanted to pay them for their care and love there would not be enough money in the world, it was priceless. We are so glad we moved Dad when we did, although it was the hardest thing ever at the time. Thank you, to all staff, and I mean every one of you at Digby Manor, you are a credit to your profession.

Shirley H (Daughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

I am so happy with the care my mother is receiving at Digby Manor. I was understandably apprehensive at first but I needn’t have worried as my mother is happy and content there. The care from the staff is lovely to see and more importantly, she already has made some friends. I want to thank the owners 

for making the transition easy for us.

Mary Q (Daughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

Outstanding compassionate care, especially during the last months of my Aunts life. Initially, my aunt was hesitant about entering a care home, however this was soon dispelled when she arrived at Digby Manor. She always said the “girls” (carers) are all lovely and that she did not want to move. Her wish was fulfilled as they were able to look after her until the end of her life, saying that it was her home.
The staff always seemed cheerful and very pleasant, with both residents and visitors alike. Also well informed and I was usually greeted with an update on my aunt’s condition as soon as I arrived.
I feel it was a real home from home and will always be grateful they had a vacancy when my aunt could not manage in her own home.

Delphine P. (Niece of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

The care my mother received was exceptional, not only did they make my mum happy and as comfortable as possible, but they did the same for my dad when he visited her. This meant a lot. Thank you.

Steve F. (Son of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

After a short stay at Digby Manor, my family and I were so impressed with the outstanding care provided. The staff were friendly and approachable and always have the residents well being and care in mind, nothing is too much. The residents were looked after extremely well, well fed and no requests were too much. The owner and manager were simply amazing, offering advice and support to help us find the right setting for our father. Nothing was too much, they did above and beyond what is expected and for that, I am forever grateful! Thank you!!

Lucy S. (Daughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

As a person who is usually quite distrustful when it comes to any form of health care service, Digby Manor met and exceeded all expectations.
My grandmother suffers from dementia and it has been extremely hard to try and juggle work and caring for her. By placing her in the Manor, I know she is receiving

the care and love that she needs due to the fact the staff is so caring of her. In addition, I’ve never met a director so kind. He is always first to ask if we’re okay or if we need anything else and ensures that my grandmother is in safe hands.
Thank you to everyone!

R A (Granddaughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

Congratulations on winning another award: you certainly deserve it!

As you know, I bless the day I chose Digby Manor for my Mother. Your care has always been exceptional- all your staff treat (and love!) Lizzie as though she was their own Mum.

I was concerned when Darren and his family took over, but am not only reassured but completely amazed at what he has done. The improvements you all have made and your ideas have gone way above what other care homes provide: you really do strive to make Digby Manor a real home for people.

I especially like the ‘Support Group’ and it is a wonderful new initiative that you have implemented. As you know, I have gone through terrible struggles during Mum’s illness and have become ill myself because of it. Putting a relative into care is absolutely dreadful and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been ill. The easiest part is finding a place you can trust and Digby Manor really removes a massive amount of that strain. Nobody thinks about the relatives, so a ‘Support Group’ is a wonderful idea. Thank you to Darren and all the staff. My very best wishes, grateful thanks and love to you all!

Erica L (Daughter of Resident)

Rating 5 out of 5

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