Meet the Team

Meet our amazing team who look after the facilities and residents at our care home in Birmingham. From office and managerial staff to carers and domestic staff.

lisa brettell digby manor

Lisa Brettell - Deputy Manager

My name is Lisa Brettell, and I am the Deputy Manager at Digby Manor.

Since joining the team in 1996 as a part-time domestic, I have dedicated myself to the home and its residents, ascending through various roles that have enriched my expertise and professional growth. My commitment to lifelong learning has seen me achieve my Level 2 and 3 qualifications, culminating in a Level 5 in Leadership and Management. My passion lies in delivering exceptional, person-centred dementia care, and nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the joy and fulfilment of our residents.

Digby Manor is more than just my workplace; it is an important part of my life, a second home where I have forged lasting bonds with colleagues and residents alike.

In my role, I work closely with the Resident Manager to nurture a team dedicated to providing the highest standard of person-centred care, with our residents’ well-being as the cornerstone of everything we do. We have established strong collaborative relationships with NHS professionals and our residents’ families, ensuring that our residents’ needs are always prioritised. Furthermore, I am a staunch advocate for the professional development of our staff, encouraging and guiding them as they acquire new skills and advance in their careers.

Having witnessed the evolution of Digby Manor over the years, I am excited for the future that lies ahead. and I am looking forward to being a part of bringing our shared vision to life.

kim brettell digby manor

Kim Morris - Office Manager

My name is Kim and I’m the Office Manager here at Digby Manor Residential Care Home. I have an accountancy background and I have 10 years’ experience working within a busy office environment. I have been with Digby Manor since 2018 but I have been visiting the home since I was 2 years old! Digby Manor has always been a big part of my family in the past and it is exciting being a part of all the new changes ahead.

My main job role is to oversee and organise the office, behind the scenes of the amazing care delivery that Digby Manor offers. That includes overseeing all types of contracts, maintaining the health and safety of the environment and equipment, finances and HR. At Digby Manor, we always strive for continuous improvement for our residents and our staff and I am proud to be a part of a team that delivers on that promise. You are always more than welcome to say hello and offer any suggestions, as our office door is always open.

jane farr digby manor

Jane Farr - Registered Care Manager

My name is Jane and I’m the Registered Care Manager at Digby Manor Care Home in Birmingham. I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 5 and have lived in Birmingham all my life.

I have a varied background of over 25 years, developed completing qualifications through levels 2, 3, and 4 and then leadership and management. I have transitioned services from children to adults, developing caring roles, commissioning, and opening new homes for vulnerable adults, elderly care, dementia care and end-of-life care. I qualified as a manager in 2010.

I was appointed the Registered care manager of Digby Manor Care Home in 2017.

I have been at the forefront of building a fantastic team on all levels of care delivery for our community. I promote the true value of what care means and how we deliver this service to our residents and families through training, development, and good governance.

My passion is making a positive difference in people’s lives.

nicola gardner digby manor

Nicola Gardner - Senior Carer

My name is Nicky and I have been working for Digby Manor for over 26 years. I am a senior carer in charge of a team of carers delivering care and support to the elderly within our care home. and I am also a supervisor of a kitchen team that is dedicated to the healthy nutrition we provide to our large family.
I started my journey at Digby Manor as a cleaner, I worked 4 hours a day maintaining the cleanliness of the house, meeting people and forming relationships with the elderly residents and their families, I always saw this as a bonus to my job! after a few months, I was given the opportunity to join the care team. This allowed me to gain new knowledge, skills and qualifications. I knew in no time at all that the decision I made to become a carer was the right one, as I found the job fulfilling and rewarding, and also being able to give back to all of our lovely residents who have worked so tirelessly hard in their younger years. I have grown in confidence and experience over the years and have built myself good relationships with all the staff I work with. I have gained respect from my colleagues and external professionals for being an open and approachable person. I consider Digby Manor to be my home from home. I have developed a passion and dedication to all of our family members, and having the ability to provide the best quality of care makes me proud to be part of a team that commits itself to doing this. The opportunities I have had are integral to the care that is provided.
I have achieved my level 2-3 in health and social care, and level 2 supervisor/manager qualification. My role as supervisor to the kitchen team is to oversee the menus and make changes according to the time of year, dietary requirements, ordering stock auditing and producing a healthy nutritious diet. I am an ambitious person who wants to carry on giving care and support to everybody I look after, either through health and well-being or food and nutrition, this has been my destiny and path in life and would not change anything at all.
donna brettell digby manor

Donna Brettell - Carer

My name is Donna Brettell. I have been a Carer at Digby Manor for over 28 years.  Digby Manor is a big part of my life and I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else.

The residents and staff at Digby Manor have become a part of my family and I leave work every day feeling fulfilled that I have made a difference. It’s not just about the physical care needs at Digby Manor, I enjoy building trust and relationships with those that I support and sharing special events with them.

marie walsh digby manor

Marie Walsh - Domestic

My name is Marie, I have been a domestic at Digby Manor Residential Care Home for over 14 years. My main responsibility is to ensure that the home maintains a high level of infection control management, ensuring we adhere to all infection control policies and procedures and the COSHH regulations.

My role was vital during the COVID-19 pandemic keeping our residents safe and happy and stopping the spread of the virus. I also complete weekly stock audits to ensure we have sufficient resources to maintain a high level of hygiene in the building. I love coming to work at Digby Manor and have built some amazing relationships with the residents and families over the years. 

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