What is the minimum age that the home can accommodate?
Digby Manor caters for adults aged 50 and older.

How many rooms does the home have?
The home has 24 bedrooms, 2 of which are double rooms that can be occupied by a couple.

Can I bring my own furniture, telephone and TV into my room?
Yes, if fact we actively encourage you to bring your own treasured personal items, mementoes and small pieces of furniture. We want you to feel at home and for you to be comfortable, surrounded by your personal belongings and memories.

How does the home deal with the challenges of dementia?
Our core belief is that people living with dementia can be happy when they are supported to live meaningful lives. The home has an experienced and well-trained care team and our care philosophy is ‘to see the person first and the dementia second’. What that means is that we try and see the world from your perspective and we understand that living with dementia can be very frustrating. By understanding you as a person, we can better support you as you go about your daily life. At Digby Manor Care Home you can just be who you are and know there are skilled people around that will support you.

Does the home support wheelchair access?
Yes and there are many facilities available to make getting around the home easy.

When am I able to see visitors?
We welcome visitors throughout the day but would recommend allowing the residents to enjoy their meal times. You can meet them in the lounge, in the conservatory, in the garden or in your own bedroom. And of course you are very welcome to go out with them whenever you like.

How does the home stay in touch with relatives who cannot visit?
The home sends a monthly newsletter called the ‘Digby News’ and also gets together with the relatives twice a year to discuss the home’s plans. We also have a private Facebook page that relatives can access and view all the exciting events the residents have taken part in, as well new events planned. And of course you can always call us when you like.

Do I have a say in the running of the home?
Yes you do. We pride ourselves in being resident-centered and that means we do everything we can to support each resident. Digby Manor is not an institution with inflexible routines – it is a home.

How independent can I be?
When you choose to live at Digby Manor, this will be your home, and you can be as independent as it is reasonably safe to do so. You can decide where to have your meals, when to have your bath etc., and you are free to explore the home and gardens, and we encourage you to stay as independent and active as possible. We will support you in keeping up any activities or hobbies that you enjoy at the moment or even to start new hobbies. Safe in the knowledge that 24-hour support is available, you can relax and enjoy your years at Digby Manor.

I tend to wander and get myself lost – is Digby Manor safe?
Digby Manor is a very safe home and you can freely wander the home and the gardens. To protect residents who easily get lost, it is almost impossible to leave the home by accident and get lost outside the home, though of course you can leave the home when accompanied with a relative, friend or one of our carers.

Can I smoke at Digby Manor?
To ensure the safety of all residents we do not have facilities that enable smoking. We promote an active, healthy and balanced diet for all our resdients.

What Quality Assurance measures do you implement at the home?
Internal reviews are completed monthly by our home Manager who ensures standards of care are actively managed. We also undertake surveys with residents, relatives, friends and professionals such as GP’s and District nurses and we respond to those surveys in our home’s development plan.

What training do your staff receive?
It is a condition of employment that all care staff undergo training to NVQ Level 2 in Direct Care and participate fully in all mandatory training. We try to ensure through our rigorous recruitment procedure that all staff employed have a range of experience and qualifications. We are aware and place great emphasis on the need for staff to compliment their NVQ’s with specialist training.

What is the food like?
Our cooks prepare all meals in the home with fresh ingredients, and the meals are wholesome and ‘homely’. We offer a choice of meals for breakfast, lunch and supper.

What are the costs?
Prices are dependent on room type and after a pre-admission assessment. Services such as hairdressing are additional and charged at cost. We accept Social Services contributions towards your fees when available.

What other services do you provide?
We have a weekly hairdresser, and a private chiropodist and provide access to specialist NHS services as required. We also have a qualified hand masseuse who visits weekly and a trained singer.

Are you signed up to www.carehome.co.uk?
Yes and we currently hold a score of 10/10 from independent reviews from relatives and are currently the no.1 rated care home in Birmingham and the West Midlands area. Our page can be viewed through the following link: https://www.carehome.co.uk 

Can I view your inspection reports?
Our inspection report (September 2016 and March 2018 – ‘Good’ in all 5 standards by the regulator, CQC) are available to view on the Care Quality Commission’s website http://www.cqc.org.uk/


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